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Eagle Freight Logistics


EAGLE Freight Logistics is a team of professional people that are only interested in one thing: to use over 20 years of experience to develop the most efficient system in delivering your items in SIMPLEST, MOST RELIABLE and FASTEST way possible. We are your trusted international shipping distributor and logistics company.


A Global Model of excellence facilitating a shift in business logistics resulting in creative, educated, responsible people participating in the global community by adding value to our customers.

Effective communication is so vital in today’s global business arena. EFL Team are all well verse and trained professionally to conduct the best of business communication practice with our clients, partners and worldwide offices. You do not want to have somebody who does not understand what you are trying to say? Part of the reason EFL Team is the preferred choice by most clients because they listen!

EFL processes are govern by proven and effective business systems and growing as time goes by to enable the team to address the fast changing world. The whole team are based on lean organization leadership and management which leads to fast and effective communication and fast decision making rather than the traditional companies.