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We Know Your SEVEN Shipping Needs

Eagle Freight Logistics has been operating for over 20 years and we have identified the main 7 shipping needs of our customers. The reason we are experts in our fields is because we listen to our customers. Read the common queries our customers have and why we’re the best in our field:

1: Delivery Problems

I never really know what is happening to the items that I have sent for shipping. The freight logistics company aren’t transparent enough and I don’t know what the exact root cause is when there are delivery problems.
At EFL, we have a very stringent checklist in which we follow to ensure that we do not miss anything (customer’s request, shipping procedures, etc.) in the process. That way, we prevent any careless mishaps from happening during delivery. Should any (rare) delivery problems occur, we will be able to trace our steps and detect the root cause efficiently. And the best part is, we have detailed paper documentation to show our customers what is happening at all times!

2:Expensive Shipping Cost

Why are shipping costs so expensive? And it’s not even a next-day delivery!”
Our shipping rates are very competitive and based on the current market standards. And due to our efficient delivery system, we cut down unnecessary costs – saving our customers both time and money. We do not overcharge our customers – our transparent billing system allows our customers to know every item they are being billed for.

3: Poor, Slow Response

One of the main irks I have with my shipping company is the poor response I get from their customer representatives, and when I ask about the shipping time frame of my delivery, I never get a proper answer!
EFL hires only the best. Especially when it comes to people that deal with our customers directly. The team at EFL are trained to be proactive and to provide fast response to our customers at all cost. Every inquiries will be answered within 24-hours and our normal shipping time is within 3-5 workings days (Terms & Conditions Apply).

4: Language Barrier

Language is sometimes a problem. I prefer speaking in Chinese but sometimes the customer representative only speaks English.
In our diverse Asian cultures, language and dialects can be a barrier. While our customer representatives at EFL do not speak all 6,900 languages of the world, they are able to converse in several common languages and dialects fluently to fully understand your requests.

5: Complicated Billing System

Why does it always have to be complicated when it comes to billing? Too many unnecessary details, items that we do not understand what we are charged for, and sometimes we get several bills for different items!
Most shipping companies do not understand the importance of customizing their billing in order to suit their customer’s needs. Every customer is different, and they do not want to spend unnecessary hours checking the items that do are irrelevant. EFL is dedicated to provide customized, easy-to-check billing for each customer. Our ALL-IN-ONE billing system is hassle-FREE and SAVES precious TIME for our customers! Time is money, we get that!

6: What About Door-to-Door Shipping?

You ship large cargos everyday. What are your international door-to-door shipping procedures like?
Our years of experience has enabled us to specialize in all the corners of delivery service. The team at EFL has vast knowledge and experience of global trade and logistics, right down to door-to-door service. And we will be glad to help you with every detail.

7: Overseas Support

How do I pick up my goods from overseas? Will I still receive support from EFL?
EFL owns a worldwide network available to all our customers. Regardless of where you are, we are your local shipping company.