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Archive for January, 2013

Hello everyone!

The team at Eagle Freight Logistics (EFL) is proud to unveil the new website as we usher in the new year! We thought it was high time that we re-produced a more functional website for our clients and prospective customers.

As we brainstormed through the content, we wanted to show you why we are the best in the field – which is why we have identified the Seven Shipping Needs of our clients throughout our more than 20 years of experience.

If you haven’t heard of EFL before, feel free to browse through Our Services and see what we can help you with! ¬†Better yet, Contact Us today to get a FREE Consultation / Quotation from us!

We’re still in the midst of uploading more useful content for you, such as free reports and latest news in the freight logistics industry. So stay tuned!